Give a man a fish…and a hot dog?

I am sitting here chuckling to myself because what started out as a simple question has turned into this ongoing series of discoveries. pict0158.jpg

After a bit of investigation it was discovered that not only has Fishers of Men expanded to 125th Street but they also kept the Papaya King! Only in Harlem! More after the jump:


I learned about the owners deciding to keep the Papaya King along side. I also learned about “Fishers of Men” offering grits all day, not just for breakfast. That made one customer very happy, saying it was just like home in the South.

The best part about this place though, is an item not on the menu. It took a bit of investigating, but now I know. When you go in there, order the “butt naked shrimp”. Non-battered juicy shrimp that pops in your mouth! I know, I ate a lot already (forgot to mention that I also got myself a smoothy: blue papaya!) but I haven’t tasted such delicious shrimp any where for a long long time now, and definitely not from a fish fry place! The chef was a live one..and someone who is very proud of this dish. I don’t know why he doesn’t put it on the menu. Maybe they will later, or maybe only this guy makes it….Whatever the reason, don’t leave there without tasting this.

The mystery is officially SOLVED! “Papaya King” AND “Fishers of Men II” in the same place. Next time I accidentally hop onto a 2, 3 train , I’ll have a place to get my shrimp fix! I’ll bet they’ll make me Shrimp & Grits even…….I did notice that they are closed on Sundays.

While there I overheard the woman who came to help, proudly mentioning that they own all three places. On the menu , “Same Owner…Same Recipe…Same Great Taste” as Famous Fish on 145th & St. Nicholas & Fishers of Men on 130th street & Madison Avenue”

Photo credit: Wallace via Picasa