Manna’s Opens another location in Harlem


I know I am late on this one but Manna has opened a third location along the 125th Street Corridor giving them a total of 4 locations in Harlem. Just in case it is too far to walk to the location on Madison Avenue or 8th Avenue you can now pop into the location at 5th and 125th Street. What’s next? The 145th corridor? Note the website on the awning is listed as Is Manna out to conquer the soul food empire?


6 thoughts on “Manna’s Opens another location in Harlem

  1. I am interested in catering from manna’s for my weddining reception. Please tell me how can I go about doing that so.
    thank you,

  2. I ate at the location on Freddie Dough Blvd the other day and found a fingernail in my food.

    I’m still skeeved out.

    Never again.
    No thank you ma’am…

  3. Well I love Manna’s. I’m headed over there now for take out. The reason why they’re so successful is because their food is fresh and good… and that’s why people are eating it – there are a lot of soul food spots in Harlem people can choose from and Manna’s is a top choice! Not to mention, the lady behind it supports Harlem too. Does a lot for the community, and I respect that… (my opinion is only based from my experiences at the new 125th location.)

    “Betty believes in giving back to the community, not only does she hire local residents, she supports many causes with her time and money. She promotes cross-cultural understanding and sponsors the “BK Party – Forging Immigrant Culture through Poongmul” to introduce African Americans to Korean culture and for Koreans to learn more about Black cultural heritage. She is a board member of the 125th Street BID, active in the Policy Athletic League, the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, and OAKS (Organization of African and Korean Solidarity). She provides scholarships to 2 local girls to attend college, has raised money for the Harlem Dance Company, donates food on a regular basis to community groups, gives turkeys to the local senior center on Thanksgiving and on and on.”

  4. I too, am not impressed with Manna’s. I see way too much commercial cooking oil saturating this so called soul food. They use the cheapest grades of chicken and fish to sell at the highest mark up possible. To compensate for the lowest grade of whiting they can buy, it is coated in as much breading/cornmeal etc. to hold up under heat lamps on a steam table as long as edible. Buyer beware, “everything that’s good to you ain’t good for you.”

  5. Manna’s has conquered nothing. You can “bootleg” CDs, Handbags, & Greens and that’s what the Korean owened place does. I note Korean as the Asians are the “masters” of all things “Bootleg” including food.

    Rather bogus how take Mueslix salad and plant it with things that don’t belong but are heavy (large chunks of mushrooms, bell pepppers, tomato, etc.). They do this with other dishes as well.

    Notice how they won’t accept credit cards or ATM? An all “cash business” and you know very well 2 books are kept, one for the IRS, the other for the owners.

    It’s ridiculous for a business of this size, with these many locations to now service the community with the option of using ATM bankcards, but that would create a paper trail for the Government.

    Most of the cuts of Chicken for many of the dishes (like Curry) are low grade cuts, heavy bone density pieces, etc.

    The truth is their is a lot of “gerri-rigging” that takes place at Manna’s. If delivering good food was their main goal, you would not see the many stratetgies and tactics designed to miniimize quality and maximize weight.

    Some of the tactics are purely designed to deceive. A chicken back’s weight for example can easily be a majority of bone, non-consumable matter. On the surface you think, “what’s the big deal”, but multiple it out by hundreds of consumers on a daily basis.

    You thought you were getting Mueslix but Manna’s “watered it down” and planted heavy peppers and tomatos and mushrooms in it. It comes close to “fraud”.

    Look deeper at what’s really taking place at manna’s. It’s shrewd, it’s deceptive, and I am not a fan.

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