Breaking News! Pioneer Closing

They held on as long as they could. Many people believed thatpioneer.jpg within months of the opening of the Pathmark on 145th and 8th they would close. Well, it is finally the end of an era. The Pioneer supermarket located at the corner of 145th and 7th Avenue is closing on the 21st of this month.

I happened to go in because the bodega that sits directly across the street from it was closed. It was a relative ghost town in there. Granted business did slow down once the Pathmark opened and there are a couple other smaller supermarkets within walking distance, but Pioneer hadn’t ordered stock, especially fresh produce, in a while and they are gradually clearing out the aisles.

No idea at this point what will happen to the property. More than likely they got a good offer for the property and it will probably be torn down and converted into a luxury building (just speculation), although Joe Schumacher notes that the emblem on the building is of Teddy Roosevelt. After a little snooping around I came to discover that the building is a former movie house – The Roosevelt. I wasn’t able to dig anything up over at Cinema Treasures, so if any readers have additional information please send it to uptownflavor at gmail.

Another supermarket bites the dust and some would like to believe that gentrification isn’t seriously impacting long time residents (for better or worse). Although it wasn’t as modern as Pathmark, it was an alternative and everyone agreed that it had a better meat selection that Pathmark hands down. Pathmark has lost some of it’s luster as it has gotten comfortable. The check out lines are too long, the store is unkempt and the staff is surly. Plus the prices have gone up! Ahhh, good ole’ New York.

R.I.P. Pioneer.

Photo credit: J. Schumacher of WATPA


3 thoughts on “Breaking News! Pioneer Closing

  1. Actually, I have a friend who lives in one of the new buildings on 145th and he gets fresh Direct delivered. I do however agree that a nother quality supermarket would be good for the area.

  2. Are we to assume this building will be torn down? Any date as to when the new supermercado will open? The area is being heavily developed and Pathmark is already suffering from the weight of new developments in my opionion. Fresh Direct is not an option in that area.

  3. Uptown –

    The Pioneer has closed because its building was bought along with several others to make way for a mixed-use development. I have sources that confirmed this. You can trust me on this one. But, the Pioneer will reopen on the ground floor in a new space within the condo building.

    Since this is not an example of life-long residents losing their homes, but a dirty supermarket (it has had health violations in the past) temporarily closing in order to open in a new facility in a new condo – this is an example of plain old progress!


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