Rugelach by A Brother

Comfortably nestled on the upper west side in Harlem is a sweet tooth treasure known as…Lee Lee’s Baked Goods

Photo by: Tonya Conrad

Photo by: Tonya Conrad

To the locals it’s the only place in the community for the best bread pudding, carrot and red velvet cakes and rugelach. Yes, ladies and gentlemen you heard right. Lee Lee’s is known for having the best rugelach in Harlem!

What is rugelach, you might ask? Rugelach is a Jewish (some say German) pastry. You would probably never think you’d find the cream cheese dough pasty on 118th Street and Eighth Avenue in Harlem. As a matter of fact, Mr. Lee’s front window is conspicuously emblazoned with the slogan “Rugelach By A Brother.”

On my first visit to Lee Lee’s, I got the cheesecake. I thought it was good.


Photo of Alvin Lee by Tonya Conrad

On my next visit I tried the carrot cake muffin and it was really good — sweet but not too sweet and very moist. It was on that visit that Mr. Lee offered me a sample of his famous rugelach. I have been a big fan ever since.

P.S. When you go just be prepared to be patient and remember that all good things come to those who wait. Enjoy!

Lee Lee’s Baked Goods

283 West 118th Street and 8th Ave.


Closest Train: B or C to 116 Street

This article was submitted by contributing writer Tonya Conrad, a Harlem resident and lover of Mr. Lee’s confections.


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  1. I’ve been there on a few occasions. The place is pretty dumpy and disorganized. The coffee tastes like cardboard steeped in dirty water. I don’t think the place maintains regular business hours. Sorry to be such a pulldown, but I live around the corner and wish local cafes, bakeries and restaurants would get their shit together a bit more.

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